A little bit more about me…

Why/When did you start your blog?

I started this blog in the beginning of the 2016 year to share about many of my fashion and beauty interest. I’ve figured that fashion has always been a part of my interests and I wanted to share with people. I feel like Instagram mostly helped me become creative and it inspired me to post about my outfits or anything exciting that happens in my life but I figured that blogging about it would be much more exciting. It lets me add more detail and thought to what I want to show!

Where did you get your blog name from?

Funny story… a very long time ago when I started my social media sites and my Youtube I wanted to use a name that was simple and that didn’t include numbers for everything so it would be easier for people to find me online(As if anyone was ACTUALLY trying to find me online lol). My first thought was “Karen Love” but when I searched that name, there was a drop-down list of people that had used that name so I wanted something more unique. No one had used the user “Loove” with the two “OO’s” in the middle. So that is what I got stuck with and started to use ever since. (btw i still pronounce it as “love”)

Who takes your photos?

My friends or parents are usually the ones behind the camera!  I am slowly but surely learning more about photography. Bear with me!


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